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Grieving & Healing

Victims of crimes may experience a great deal of anger, survivor’s guilt, hatred, self-blame, guilt and confusion. Your sense of trust and order may be shattered. You may experience a wide range of feelings and behaviors and have little ability to control your emotions at any given time.

These emotions are very personal and may continue for months or years. Victims may experience nightmares, insomnia, periods of uncontrolled sobbing, occasional hysterical laughter, nausea, headaches, fatigue or a general feeling of going crazy. Family relationships may change as individuals react differently to the trauma. Victimization may lead to financial stress, family discord, divorce, alcoholism, and a variety of other problems. Everyone has a different reaction and a different timetable for healing. It is important to grieve and acknowledge the impact of your experience.

Begin by treating yourself with kindness and recognizing that healing happens slowly. Do not set unrealistic expectations and do not let others set timetables or pressure you into getting on with your life. Do things when you are ready, not because others are telling you to do them. It is all right to be angry, to feel sad, or to cry. Take time to lament.

Healing can be facilitated by telling one’s story again and again. Build a network of support for yourself and other family members to help you get through these difficult times, and realize you are not alone. Many others have experienced the same problems and can help you work through your experience. You can benefit greatly from calling one of the victim assistance organizations listed on our website at click on Victim Services.

Victims and survivors of serious crimes can help themselves and others by turning their victimization into a force for positive change. Many victims volunteer their time to working in shelters, answering crisis hotlines, talking to legislators, and speaking on victim impact panels. Your time and commitment can help the community move toward greater justice and healing for all victims of crime.

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