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Dealing with the Media
Crime victims and survivors may find dealing with newspaper and television reporters very difficult. Graphic photographs or television footage, release of your name and address, and aggressive attempts to interview you may distress you. If the report leaves out information or is inaccurate, you may feel more traumatized, you have the right to say no to any or all contact with the media.

You should talk to the prosecutor before talking with reporters. The defendant may be able to use your statements to request a change of trial location if there has been too much pretrial publicity, or you may be cross-examined on your statements at trial. You may wish to release only a written statement through a spokesperson, after consulting with the prosecutor.

If you agree to an interview, you may set conditions for it, such as the time and location, the presence of a friend or advocate, request for a certain reporter, review of direct quotations from you before they are printed, and the type of photographs to be used. You have the right to shield your children or other vulnerable family members from interviews. Try to do what is best for your own peace of mind.

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